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Fight for your right to waive the flu shot

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Often times,  as healthcare professionals we have a heavy burden to carry. Fear for our health, should not be one of them. Flu vaccines have been proven ineffective. We always hear, "Oh it must have been a different strand", when one gets the flu after taking the shot. It's called a "flu shot". It should cover them all. If it can't, why should it be mandatory. Also, why should we be threaten with leave without pay or termination of employment for declining the flu vaccine. Which is optional according to our constitutional rights. We have no idea what is in the flu vaccine. Recently, there has been an increase in reactions to the flu vaccine across the country. From neurological disorders, to certain organs not functioning properly, to not being able to feed yourself or stand. etc.. 

    Within the past four years,  healthcare facilities across the country are forcing employees to get the flu vaccine or decline and face disciplinary action or termination of employment. Acquiring a doctor's note deeming it a medical necessity, should not be the only alternative these facilities accept as a response to why we don't want it. "I don't want it", should be enough. We shouldn't have to expose our medical history to decline anything. Again, They are attempting to mandate this vaccine, despite the fact that it has been proven not to be 100 % effective. More recently, causing more harm than good.

   As healthcare professionals, we demand to keep our right to waive resulting in us wearing our ppe/mask gloves. We have protected ourselves and the people we care for in previous years while waiving this vaccine and doing just that. As professional, in the healthcare industry, I feel we are more than capable of continuing to do so. It is our constitutional rights. Our personal beliefs are our own, we should not have to debate that fact. My body,  my choice! We are demanding that our right to waive the flu vaccine remains optional and not made mandatory given it's research proving how ineffective it really is.  

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