Remove Theresa May from Government and follow the referendum result and manifesto in full

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After the last 2 years of clear unfettered lies from our Prime Minister, tying the hands of DExEU and installing her own negotiations in the form of Olly Robbins, a Civil Servant unaccountable to the electorate, we the undersigned make the request of all Conservative MPs to remove the Prime Minister by whatever means is required, and subsequently to install a leader that has the true intentions of delivering on the referendum and our own Manifesto commitments to leave the European Union in full, including the Single Market and Customs Union, without renaming these things as an attempt to bypass the 2017 General Election and the 2016 EU Referendum.

Theresa May has single-handedly brought the fall of the faith in democracy, the Conservatives and the UK's place in the world outside the EU. Furthermore, the tactics used by Number 10 in recent days since the Chequers meeting have not only undermined those commitments made on several occasions, but also undermined the intellect of the electorate.

We the voters of Leave and Remain, Tory members, supporters, activists, campaigners, and all other Party voters and non-voters of the UK will not stand by while our democracy is destroyed from within, nor will we allow the People's faith in our beloved institutions to be destroyed so willingly without consequence.

The requests in this petition must be realised in full without any deviation or underhanded tactics which make our democracy appear a sham to the electorate.

We are one people with one voice. However we voted since 2016 bears no relevance to this petition as this issue affects every single one of us. Therefore, we stand together, Tory, Labour, Remain, Leave, voter, non-voter; side-by-side and say to you Theresa May and Conservative MPs that we will not tolerate this abuse of executive power to undermine democracy and that you must go with immediate effect.

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