Follow the referendum result and manifesto in full

Follow the referendum result and manifesto in full

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The Bent Tory started this petition to The Rt Hon Graham Brady (Chairman of the 1922 Committee) and

After the last 2 years of the Government tying the hands of DExEU, we the undersigned make the request of all Conservative MPs to deliver on the referendum and our own Manifesto commitments to leave the European Union in full, including but not limited to:

  1. Leaving the Single Market and Customs Union - including the CFP and CAP
  2. Ending the jurisdiction of the CJEU (ECJ) - including the requirement of ECJ case law to be used in legal considerations
  3. To end Freedom of Movement - without setting different quotas or other similar attributes; or to use "mobility" as a backdoor operation by which to continue this
  4. To end paying vast sums of money to the EU - including a divorce bill with or without a deal as suggested by Dominic Raab
  5. To maintain English Law as the gold standard for commercial legal entities and cases throughout the world
  6. To uphold our democracy as the oldest modern democracy on the planet, upon which many parliamentary systems are based
  7. Not to push propaganda through the media by collusion with business or other politicians - such as Airbus, et al.
  8. To restore faith in the Conservative Party by following through on it and May's commitments since June 2016 that "Brexit means Brexit"; and finally,
  9. Not to undermine the strength of will and conviction, or intelligence of the electorate in these matters: the 17.4 million Leave voters, the 70% of the Conservative vote that voted to Leave, and the 67 million+ citizens of the United Kingdom who rely on our institutions to function correctly and properly in accordance with their wishes

without renaming any of these things, or using political backhanded tactics as an attempt to bypass the 2017 General Election and the 2016 EU Referendum.

The Government has single-handedly brought the fall of the faith in democracy, the Conservatives and the UK's place in the world outside the EU. Furthermore, the tactics used by the Cabinet Office since the Chequers meeting have not only undermined commitments made on several occasions (Mansion House, Lancaster House, etc.), but also undermined the intellect, strength and will of the electorate.

We, the voters of Leave and Remain, Tory members, supporters, activists, and campaigners, speak on behalf of the majority, and we will not stand by while our democracy is destroyed from within, nor will we allow the People's faith in our beloved institutions to be destroyed so willingly without political consequence.

The requests in this petition must be realised in full without any deviation or underhanded tactics which make our democracy appear a sham to the electorate.

However we voted since 2016 bears no relevance to this petition, as this issue affects every single one of us. Therefore, we stand together, Tory, Labour, Remain, Leave, voter, non-voter; side-by-side and say to you Graham Brady, Brandon Lewis, and Conservative MPs up and down the country, that we ask you to stand up for us and ditch the Chequers Plan.

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!