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Stop Mega Factory Farm Dairies ...

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In 2009/10 Mr Peter Willes of Parkham Farms was the lead in the Nocton proposal to set up a mega-dairy of 8000 cows. It quite rightly caused a howl of protest. This application was defeated but Mr Willes continues to build these monster dairies where over 1000 cows are held in sheds 24/7 all year. These dairies are cruel and cause serious environmental damage. It is often called 'zero-grazing' when cows are never allowed in fields. It is a nasty form of farming... and it is entirely unnecessary.

We do not need this kind of farming. The price of milk is dropping through the floor because there is a huge global over-supply and there has been for some years. It is simplistic to just blame the supermarkets and processors, though they are not entirely innocent. The current situation has been exacerbated by China's restrictions, Russian sanctions and the end of milk quotas... but the real problem is the over supply generated by farmers like Mr Willes. The positive feedback of falling prices due to oversupply, leading to yet larger production units with the inevitable increase in the oversupply problem has decimated the industry and caused endless hardship for responsible small scale farmers and their families. The small employment provided by these large industrial units is no compensation for the loss of livelihoods and the many other problems they cause.

In Hartland in Devon an enormous slurry lagoon has been built, without even asking for permission, in the middle of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Since then the whole area has suffered considerable environmental damage and several people blame their health problems on it and have had to leave.

The cows... well they are healthy when measured in terms of milk yield but just look into their eyes. It is sad to see. It is in complete contrast to cows in fields that show curiosity and a spectrum of social behaviors. Please help us stop this kind of farming by helping us stop this lagoon. It is the first step.

There are 20 of these Mega Dairies in the UK and the number is increasing.

Help us stop this lagoon and start the fight back through changes to the law and planning regulations.

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