Please extend our library space and services

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The Thursday Island Library is very small. It services 3500 people and yet has only one small table to sit and read at, 3 computers, no space to do activities or host events, no area for children to sit and read or reading chairs for patrons.

A library has the potential to be a great resource for our community. Thursday Island would benefit from a library space that is able to host activities that promote literacy, Torres Strait Language resources and learning for all groups within the community. The small space and limited resources means that this facility is unable to access and operate activities that would benefit the community.

We are petitioning our local council to increase the library space-

- To display more books, particularly cultural resources and books to engage young readers,

- Provide space for patrons to access online courses and study opportunities

- Host community learning activities

-Host a greater number of activities for children- First 5 Forever, after school activities and school holidays activities

- Provide an area in which families would feel comfortable spending time reading with children

- Two librarians so that the service is open every day and the librarians are available to run activities

We would love to gain feedback from the community about other services that they would like to see in our library.

We have a great council and we are confident that they will respond positively if we can show strong support for increasing the library space and extending the library services.

Please support our community in getting better resources to promote literacy, access to the internet and the love of reading.