Rename TBGS' Slave-Celebrating Hawkins House

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Sir John Hawkins is widely considered the first English trader to profit from the African Slave Trade.

It has been estimated that over 12 million African slaves were shipped across the Atlantic over a span of 400 years, with several million dying during the voyage, or in camps soon after. This is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest evils ever committed in human history. 

And yet, in 2006, Torquay Boy's Grammar School saw fit to name their newest House: Hawkins- after this very man. 

Fourteen years on, and to TBGS' shame, the celebration of this slave trader endures. This is not only morally reprehensible, but directly contradicts the school's own Equality Objectives, which purports to: 

"foster a cultural context in which diverse groups can flourish, expressing themselves freely and responsibly throughout the school" and "to ensure that promotion of tolerance and celebration of diversity is systematically embedded". 

As a former pupil of Torquay Boys' Grammar School, and in light of recent events, I am calling on the Headteacher, Peter Lawrence, and all relevant stakeholders to review the school's entire House-naming system as a matter of priority. 

James Dart