Lock Chris Sky Up! Put him in jail for endangering the public!

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Chris Sky has become infamous for leading the anti-mask movement in Toronto, as well as spreading inaccurate and anti-scientific information about COVID19 on Social Media.

Chris Sky was recently seen breaking into Adamson BBQ as an act of "united non-compliance" with a group of followers. This escalation in tactics from Mr. Sky is a danger to public health, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. 

Chris Sky has been charged by police before, but it appears those charges have not deterred him from spreading disinformation and putting people's lives in danger.

If Sky continues this behaviour, COVID rates will likely continue to rise, and extend the length of the lockdown. His anti-vaccine rhetoric will likely delay a lifting of COVID restrictions, due to him contributing to "vaccine hesitancy".

The best way to send a message to anti-maskers is to put their leader in jail.

Sign the petition. Let's put Chris Sky behind bars!

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