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Toronto Zoo and Toronto City Councillors: Keep Iringa, Toka & Thika in Toronto or send them to an AZA facility

Animal activists and Bob Barker well known for his immense knowledge of elephants (implied sarcasm) are arguing that Iringa, Toka & Thika need to be sent to a non profit in California for health reasons, this is bunk. The keepers who know them best and serve as surrogate family to these animals have been not been allowed to give their input. The decision rests in the hands of city councillors who do not in fact have degrees in zoology or experience working understandings of animal behaviour. These elephants were brought to Toronto at young ages after suffering the trauma of being separated from their families. They have spent their entire adolescent and adult lives in Toronto and are now entering old age the process of moving them to California and facing the trauma of all they have ever known and removal their surrogate families will cause them a lot of stress weakening their immune systems. Tell Toronto City councillors that experts should be allowed to decide whether they stay in Toronto or at the very least go to an accredited facility not not uneducated elected officials who seek only to appease the masses.

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  • Toronto Zoo CEO John Tracogna
  • Councillor for Ward 35 Scarborough Southwest
    Councillor Michelle Berardinetti

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