Make all subway stations accessible for manual wheelchair users

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My son is a paraplegic and has been since he was 7. He is now 20 and recently moved to Toronto. He discovered that he can't use the new trains on the TTC. Why? Because the train itself sits higher than the platform so while he could tip his chair back and get the front tires in, there is no way he can get his back tires over that ledge unless someone is pushing him and even then it's dangerous. Since the TTC is staggering the new trains with the old, you never know which train is coming - the older trains were easier for manual wheelchair users because they sat closer to the platform. The new ones are not an option. Between the new trains sitting too high for manual wheelchairs, the limited number of stations that are wheelchair accessible and the frequency of which the elevators are not working, riding the TTC is not something my son and countless others can do by themselves. For a city that claims it is "inclusive" I find it the exact opposite when it comes to its transit system. It is appalling for a city the size of Toronto, a city that prides itself on being a mosaic melting pot, a city that boasts it's open for business, a city that is home to 3 million+ people and a city that is home to thousands of wheelchair users is not a city that has an accessible subway system. By signing this petition you are joining me in saying the subway system is NOT wheelchair accessible to the extent it needs to be and something needs to be done. The TTC should be ashamed of itself. If the TTC's chairperson had a son or daughter in a wheelchair, I somehow believe things would be much different.

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