Lowering Bus Fare/Free Transportation for High School Students

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In the TDSB district, there are over 250,000 students apart of the board. 65,000+ of the board are high school students, and over half of those students rely on public transit (like the TTC). The TTC requires students to pay $2.10 to ride buses, subways, RT, etc. The price might seem reasonable to our government, but the population that requires to take the TTC to and from school (doubling the fare they need) are apart of low-income families, too young to get a job, etc.

Since schools don’t provide bus fare/tickets unless the students are apart of programs (like Pathways), students shouldn’t have to pay just to go to school. As well, it’s worse to leave students out in the cold and dark when they are coming home from school and can’t afford the required bus fare. Students should be able to go to and from school freely and safe.

This petition’s purpose is to give students all across the TDSB free access/lowered price bus fare to take public transit. A possible way to let students have free access to the TTC is to set a certain time period (e.g. 8am-4:30pm)  in which students can ride for free (with student identification). Or students be given a lowered bus fare that is at an appropriate price that all TDSB students can pay.


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