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Hi I’m Asha,
I am the owner of the Beauty Collective in Leslieville and I believe that ALL Beauty Professionals deserve the right to work and earn a living during Phase Two of the Reopening of Ontario. We are highly trained in infection prevention and proper use of Personal Protective equipment. Many of us have years of practice keeping our clients and ourselves safe from infection and blood borne pathogens. We have been using PPE before the pandemic and if anyone is prepared to follow proper sanitation protocols it’s us! 
While salons have been given the green light to open in Phase two - there are limits to the types of services that can be performed. Services such as facials, Microblading, eyebrow grooming cannot be carried out - which is essentially saying that you can reopen but NOT work! This is incredibly frustrating as many small businesses have already gone under during the pandemic and now those that have survived are even more encumbered with these misguided stipulations. We are prepared to don masks, face shields and know how properly use gloves and other methods to eliminate the possibility of spreading COVID19. 
Retail stores that sell non- essential products are allowed to open - and have no previous experience or training with proper PPE use. Dentists offices, massage clinics, nurse injectors performing botox and hairstylists are now permitted to work. These services also involve working around the face and mouth. As highly trained and skilled professionals we should also be able to offer our regular services. We cannot simply switch to new services since many salons and practitioners specialize in niche offerings that revolve around the face.
We believe that our clients should be able to decide the level of risk that they are comfortable with in terms of seeking our services. If more salons and beauty service providers are forced to remain closed then this industry will be forced to go underground and then there is no way to regulate and control health and safety controls! 

The commercial rent relief programs have not been extended and CERB only lasts for another two months. We just want to be able to work safely under the recommended public health protocols and be able to offer our much in demand services to our clients.