Vote Don Laurel as Liaison Officer for the Filipino Community

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Community Police Liaison Committees (CPLC) are made up of community volunteers and police service representatives from the local division's geographic area. Each committee is inclusive to reflect the demographics of the local community.

Their mandate is:

- To work together in identifying, prioritizing, and problem-solving of local policing issues by;

- being proactive in community relations, crime prevention, education, mobilization, and communications initiatives, and

- acting as a resource to the police and the community

All of the seventeen police divisions throughout the City of Toronto, including Traffic Services, have a CPLC to provide advice and assistance to the local unit commander and to work in partnership with local police towards safe and secure communities. 

This petition is created for Police Constable Don Laurel from 32 Division to be a Liaison Officer for the Filipino community in the GTA.