Proposed Public Space CCTV - Cornell Community

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Proposed Public Space CCTV - Cornell Community

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Petition for CCTV Cameras in the Cornell Community:

The Cornell community is a small area within the larger Woburn Neighbourhood bounded by Lawrence Ave E on the north, railway tracks on the south, Markham Rd on the west and Scarborough Golf Club Rd on the east. 

The Cornell community is an admirable example of Toronto being one of the most ethnically diverse and sought out places in the city full of family oriented and hard-working residents. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood has also been affected by gang activity where street drug dealing is not an uncommon occurrence. Outside gangs visit the area, resulting in gang violence with no regard for those who reside in the community. The officers from 43 Division actively engaged the community on an ongoing basis through frequent patrols in cars, on bicycles, and on foot. However, the violence continues, and the residents have now requested Councillor Paul Ainslie and 43 Division to install close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to address the gang violence in the area.

The use of a CCTV cameras is not intended to be a replacement for police officers but is an added tool to assist in enhancing public safety. The Toronto Police Service acknowledges that the use of a CCTV camera must be balanced between public safety and the privacy rights of individuals. The purpose of a CCTV camera is to:

* Create a safer environment for the community;

*  Detect and deter crime;

*  Provide evidence and assist in solving crime;

*  All images captured by CCTV will be automatically over-written within 72 hours;

*  Where images of a criminal offence or images deemed to be of an evidentiary nature are recorded, the recording must be retained in compliance with the City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 219, Article 1, Records Retention Schedule (

Cornell community members have request CCTV cameras at following location:

*  Corner of Scarborough Golf Club and Confederation Drive

*  Corner of Lawrence Avenue and Scarborough Golf Club

*  Corner of Markham Road and Stevenwood Road

*  Corner of Markham Road and Greenbrae Circuit

*  Corner of Lawrence Avenue and Greencrest Circuit

The Toronto Police Service is canvassing the support of the community with the implementation of this CCTV project. By signing the petition, you will be supporting the partnership that the Toronto Police Service has with the community in improving the safety of the Cornell community. More information on the use of CCTV cameras, please visit:

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This petition had 376 supporters

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