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Exempt green-plated vehicles from proposed tolls on the Gardiner, DVP in Toronto!


We support John Tory’s proposal to put tolls on the DVP and Gardiner which aims to reduce congestion and in turn, reduce air emissions! Ask him to go one step further and exempt green plated vehicles from tolls to reduce GHG emissions from transportation.

  • Transportation emissions, which account for about 35% of net greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario, must be a priority target for reducing emissions in the province.
  • Half of all transportation emissions are from light cars and trucks (i.e., vehicle types which are readily substitutable with Electric Vehicles).
  • The average electric vehicle in Ontario reduces net greenhouse gas emissions by 3.4 tonnes each year - about 90% less than an equivalent gas car.
  • Aggressive steps must be taken to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Ontario - including taking steps to make them more affordable.  This includes incentives and exemption from certain fees, such as the proposed tolls on the DVP and Gardiner express routes.
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