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Meet with officials from CP and CN, and with our Toronto Fire Chief.

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Safe Rail Communities (SRC) is a community-based initiative, formed in March 2014 by concerned neighbours in Toronto’s Junction area. 

In response to the alarming increase in DOT-111 rail tanks carrying crude oil and other hazardous materials on the Canadian Pacific rail line that runs through mid-town Toronto, SRC advocates for greater transparency and safeguards with respect to this issue.

Some startling facts from the Railway Association of Canada and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada:

 - The number of rail cars carrying hazardous materials in Canada has increased from 500 in 2009 to an estimated 140,000 in 2014.

- The DOT-111 cars used to transport these hazardous materials have a 20-year history of susceptibility to product release in an accident.

- The crude oil being transported from the new oil fields in Bakken, North Dakota has been shown to be as volatile as gasoline.

 - Recent rail accidents show that when a large number of tanks carrying flammables are involved in an accident, there is significant risk for loss of life, and damage to the community and environment.

 - The train that derailed on July 6, 2013 in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, killed 47 people, devasted the town, and polluted the lake and nearby river.  The total estimated recovery cost is expected to rise above $200M.

Safe Rail Communities is calling for more openness and discussion on this subject between government, railway companies, and communities.  SRC is committed to raising awareness at local, provincial, and national levels.  SRC seeks to unite rail communities across Canada around this pressing issue. 

Public safety and the preservation of our vibrant communities is our common goal.  We are calling on our Toronto city councillors to lead the way, speak up for us, and request:

1) That CP/CN, and/or the Toronto Fire Chief identify and make public what exactly is being transported in DOT-111 cars travelling through Toronto, and how much.

2) That CP/CN identify and make public their strategies and timelines for phasing out DOT-111 cars.

3) That CP/CN identify and make public their strategies for re-routing the transportation of oil and other hazardous materials by rail away from densely populated neighbourhoods.

4) That the Toronto Fire Chief clarify the city’s emergency response plan should there be a spill, explosion, car malfunction and/or derailment. 

5) That CP/CN clarify what funds and resources would be available to municipalities in the event of a disaster resulting from spill, explosion, car malfunction and/or train derailment.

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