Thanks Toronto City Council: Your predatory parking practices make driving impossible!

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For anyone who owns a car the cost of parking and the predatory nature of parking regulations and enforcement in the city of Toronto can drive costs through the roof! But carshare programs like Car2Go can truly help this issue by conveniently providing cars to all Torontonians on a need basis. Most trips in the inner city can be taken on the TTC, or on bike, but what if you have to travel with more than you can carry, or need to get there fast without losing precious time finding parking? You could hand over your wallet to cab companies, or Uber, OR use one of the free-floating carshare companies! This means that for less than the cost of an hour of downtown parking, people can drive to their location and leave the car for the next person to drive. That is why floating carshare programs are the most effective at encouraging people to share rather than own and park even more cars! If the cars can be found right where you need them, the choice to share a car is a no brainer! That is until Toronto City Council made conditions impossible for floating carhsare companies like Car2Go to function! As of May 31st Car2Go was forced to discontinue it's service in Toronto! Why does this matter?

Well let's do the math: The average car is parked more than 95% of the time! Think about that? All that money spent on parking and fees (which Toronto City Council clearly encourages) just for the convenience of driving 5% of the time! This is why progressive and forward thinking world class cities like Montreal, Rome, Calgary, Washington, Vancouver, Vienna, Seattle, Los Angeles and many many others have chosen to work with floating carshare companies! 

 In fact, studies have shown that carshare progams reduce parking congestion and pollution by reducing car ownership, and thusly allowing more people to drive fewer cars!
This means that for those who must own a car, there are fewer drivers to compete with for space because you have more people driving and parking fewer cars.

Yet, despite the fact that carshare programs like Car2go offer their benefits to cities all over the world, Toronto City Council like things just the way they are! More cars on the road mean more money raked in from exorbitant parking fees, more money funneled to road maintenance, more money in cab and Uber licensing fees, and most especially, more money raked in on parking fees and fines! 

Forcing Torontonians to buy, park, insure and gas just to meet the occasional need for a car in the inner city means less money in the pockets of average citizens, less affordable access to all areas of the city for tourists, and all while adding greater pollution and congestion for those who drive in from the suburbs.

Tell Toronto City Council that the tens of thousands of Torontonians who rely heavily on carshare services like Car2go need greater access and availability to allow these companies the function for the benefit of all drivers and non drivers alike!