Support Safer Daycare in Casa Loma

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Nicholas Saint-Martin
Nicholas Saint-Martin signed this petition

As a resident of the Casa Loma area, I am intimately familiar with and regularly use Wells Hill Ave. between Melgund Rd. and St. Clair Ave W.

Wells Hill is the northern point of access to the neighbourhood. Its importance as a gateway is underscored by the fact that there is no other access point to and from St. Clair that provides access to westbound and eastbound circulation.

I understand that the owner of 105 Wells Hill Ave. (the first house south of St. Clair Ave. W.) seeks to convert his house into a private, for-profit 37-child daycare. I further understand that in order to accommodate pick up and drop off activities at the daycare, he has applied or will be applying to the city’s Right of Way Management department to convert the city-owned lands abutting his property to the North into commercial boulevard parking that will accommodate two (2) parking stalls for the daycare.

I am in favour of more daycare in the city and in our neighbourhood. To that end, I strongly support the inclusion of a 49-to-62-child public day care in the platform of the proposed three-tower development at 1467 Bathurst St on the northeast corner of Bathurst St. and St. Clair Ave. W. 

However, I am categorically opposed to the application for commercial boulevard parking at 105 Wells Hill Ave. because of its dangerous location on a blind and elevated corner of Wells Hill that impedes sightlines to the property and the city-owned lands. These sightline issues combined with the shortage of parking stalls (2), and the exceptionally narrow width of Wells Hill in front of the property —which is a “no standing” zone at all times—would make picking up and dropping of infants and toddlers inappropriate and unsafe.

The use of city-owned lands at the northern gateway of the neighbourhood to accommodate parking for a private business would fundamentally and detrimentally alter the character, safety and function of the neighbourhood. As such, I urge the city to deny the application for commercial boulevard parking.