Stopping Puppy Mills

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1.2 Million Dogs are euthanized every year in a puppy mill. The condition of these puppy mills are so bad that many dogs die prematurely in very cruel ways. A lot of them starve, freeze, die of diseases or infections and even by people. Puppy Mills sell their dogs to pet stores who then sell them to you, making people accidentally support them. This can be stopped by becoming aware of where you are buying your animal and to change accordingly




i do not know the situation of Puppy Mills in the Toronto area. This is to spread awareness of their current living situations. The Toronto Council is the highest level of government I am hoping to reach as they can actually do something to stop this. 



Anyone seeing this can stop it by finding out where your dog is from. If you find out you are buying from a mill, please reconsider. I know it’s sad to see the dogs have a sad life but it will be better for the Puppy Mills to go out of business