Stop the Sneaky Dees Development

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The city of Toronto received a proposal for the site at 419 College Street (the current home of Sneaky Dees) for a 13 story mixed use condo building.The proposal also encompasses 419, 421, 423, 429 and 431 College Street which is most of the block. The addition of this building will fundamentally change our neighbourhood for the worse. This isn't only about Sneaky Dees but the constant invasion by big-time developers into our neighbourhoods. We need to stand up and tell the city exactly what we think of this. The proposal is new and there is plenty of time to get our voices heard as a community. These kinds of developments raise our rent, and push marginalized and low income people out of the neighbourhood. 

College & Bathurst is a vibrant and successful mixed-income neighbourhood. Sign this petition and add your voice to the chorus - tell Toronto City Council NO, we will not have our neighbourhood destroyed!