Naming Bangladesh Avenue : Your Support is Needed, Add Your Voice

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Respected Canadians, Bangladeshi Canadians and Canadian Bangladeshis:

Regards. In Toronto, currently there is no avenue, drive or road that is named as Bangladesh Avenue. We have seen such names honoring other countries or cities, such as New Delhi Dr, Karachi Dr in Toronto.

You will be happy to know that we have taken an initiative to propose to “Toronto City Council” to ceremonially name a segment of Danforth Road as “Bangladesh Avenue”. Your support for this noble initiative will help us collectively achieve this goal. Accordingly we are launching a petition to collect your signature endorsing this initiative assuming your support.

Please take a moment to sign the petition so together with “Toronto City Council” we can make this happen. Not only that, share it with friends and families, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters and all so they can sign it.

Canada is a land of diversity that welcomes people from all across the world. And it embraces us as its own whereby we call it our sweet home. At the same time, Canada encourages us to remember and commemorate our values that we bring in, that are consistent with or enriches Canadian values. Today 10000s of Bangladeshis immigrated to Canada and became proud Canadian citizen. Both Bangladesh and Canada remains in their heart. Naming a road or part of it ceremonially as Bangladesh Avenue can only bring the two country closer together, inspire 10000s of Bangladeshi Canadians, and will enhance our respect for our country, Canada that demonstrates its respect for our home country, Bangladesh.

We believe by naming a road or a segment of it as Bangladesh Avenue, the city will inspire thousands of us, and help create a strong bond. Further, it will also garner huge respect and support and create goodwill in Bangladesh through word of mouth, media publication and television coverage which can only be better for both the country.

We need your support. We request each of you to sign the petition to request the city to name a road or a portion of it (Danforth Road) ceremonially as Bangladesh Avenue. Let us make it happen.


Tafasin Chowdhury, MBA

Toronto, Canada