Toronto Skatepark Budget 2021

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The Toronto Skateboarding Committee has been advocating for new skateparks in Toronto since 2013. Last year, after many years of consultations with the TSC and the Toronto skateboarding community, the Parks department released their Parks Master Plan which included a large multi year in investment in new skateparks. The plan allocates funding for the development of 4 new community skateparks and 11 skatespots between 2021-2030. Last year, we launched a campaign requesting an increase to the budget to make sure that adequate funds were dedicated to new skateparks. We gathered over 2,000 signatures and our request was adopted by council. Throughout 2020, we participating in virtual consultations with the Parks Department and we are very excited to announce that this years budget includes an additional $150,000 for each community skatepark, bringing the budget for each up to $750,000.

With the release of this years budget, we would like to continue our advocacy with your support. We have 3 requests to the Budget Committee to ensure that we are properly funding new skateparks, building them in a timely manner and making sure our existing skateparks are in good condition.

Please support our petition and if you can, send an email message to the budget committee and to your local councillors and let them know that you would like the budget adjusted to speed up the development phasing of new skateparks and to increase the budget allocations to reflect the real cost of building the types of facilities that we have been advocating for. Its been 7 years since City Council first asked for a capital program for new skateparks, it should not take another 10 years to meet the current demand for new skateboarding facilities.

 Sample  letter to Toronto Budget Committee     email :        Please send asap as coucil votes on the budget soon.

Hello Budget Committee/Councillor, 

Please consider adopting the recommendations requested by the Toronto Skateboarding Committee at the Budget Committee meeting on January 25, 2021. 

1. We request that Parks, Forestry and Recreation, in consultation with the TSC, expedite the identification of potential sites for Community Skateparks in all 4 city districts including the phasing to follow suit to meet current demands with the construction for all 4 parks scheduled between 2022-2024.

2. We request that the budget allocated to each Community Skatepark be adjusted to reflect the current cost of building a 930 sq. m. skatepark in 2021 (approx. $1,000,000).

3.  We request a State of Good Repair report on existing skateparks and a schedule of repairs, maintenance and upgrades which can improve existing facilities.

Link to submission document: