Toronto Skatepark Budget 2020

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In 2013, local Toronto skateboarders formed the Toronto Skateboarding Committee to advocate for skateboarders and new skateparks. In 2014 and 2015, city council requested the Parks Department to develop capital plans for the development of new skateparks. We worked together with Parks staff on the Toronto Skateboard Strategy and we were consulted on the 20 year Parks Facility Master Plan. After many years of planning and consultations with thousands of skateboarders, it was very clear that there was a need for more concrete skateparks throughout the city. This years Parks Capital Budget finally outlines the financial commitment for future skateparks.

We are excited to announce that the Capital Plan for 2020-2029 includes funding for 4 new community skateparks ($600,000 each) and 11 skatespots ($250,000 each). Unfortunately, this funding is spread over a 10 year period, with only 2 new skateparks and 4 skatespots planned to be built before 2025. In addition, with construction costs constantly rising, the budgets allocated are not enough to build the types of facilities that we have been advocating for over the last 6 years. To give you an idea, we estimate that the East York skatepark (Stan Wadlow Park) would cost over $800,000 to build in todays dollars.

Please support our petition and if you can, send an email message to the budget committee and to your local councillors and let them know that you would like the budget adjusted to speed up the development phasing of new skateparks and to increase the budget allocations to reflect the real cost of building the types of facilities that we have been advocating for. Its been 6 years since City Council first asked for a capital program for new skateparks, it should not take another 10 years to meet the current demand for new skateboarding facilities.

 Sample  letter to Toronto Budget Committee     email :        Please send asap as coucil votes on the budget on Thursday January 29th.

Hello Budget Committee/Councillor, 

I would like to request that the 2020 Parks Capital Budget be amended to speed up construction of new skateparks and to adjust the individual skatepark budget allocations upwards to reflect the real cost of building concrete skateparks.