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Plastic bags are/always have been a very big issue in this world. Too many animals are choking to DEATH because of plastic bags in the ocean. Over 1 MILLION marine animals die each year due to plastic waste in the ocean. This is a HUGE problem and it needs to be solved ASAP. Charging a small fee for a plastic bag at a grocery store IS NOT ENOUGH. We need to BAN them, not put a price on them. The amount of plastic waste we have isn’t going to get any better, in fact it’s getting worse.

Using a reusable bag really isn’t that difficult. Put it in your trunk in the car, then you’ll never forget it!  Plastic bags never fully degrade.. and there are so many new plastic bags being introduced in our world.. they get into the soils and release toxic chemicals. Just think of how many plastic bags you see on the ground or in a tree on the daily. It’s a lot, correct? 

Many other city’s have already banned plastic bags... so why shouldn’t we?