To change the name of Jean Vanier CSS in Scarborough, ON

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As an alumnus of Jean Vanier CSS in Scarborough, I am horrified at the report that details the abuse of several victims at the hands of Jean Vanier.  What makes this particularly unbearable, is that Vanier's mentor, Father Thomas Philippe was also accused of similar crimes. Vanier lied about his knowledge of his mentor's actions,  while initiating predatory sexual relationships with victims, abusing their trust in him. He gained their trust, using the context of spiritual accompaniment, only to  betray that trust and ultimately violate them. 

As a former student, I recall that many lessons around community, caring and how to model your character were tied to his teachings, and the teachings of the community that he helped found, L'Arche.  The findings of the report clearly  demonstrate that in no way, shape or form should a school bear his name, it is no longer something that should be associated with educating young adults. Students should no longer have to  wear clothing with his name, be subjected to any of his teachings or carry out any activities in the spirit of his "good works".

If the board keeps his name on the school, what message does it send to male students about acceptable behaviour; for young girls attending this school with his name, what does this say to them about their rights? It is a disgrace to be known as an alumnus, and no students who are presently enrolled, or will be enrolled in the future should have to bear this shame as well.