Option 1 Regina Mundi/Dante Alighieri Academy Project

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Please sign here if you agree with Option 1 proposed by the TCDSB.  The safety of all students/staff is first and foremost.  

Amalgamating both schools under one roof is ludicrous and unsafe.  And having students/staff in a building where construction is taking place is most certainly unsafe and poses potential liability/risks.  Furthermore, construction creates a lot of noise and this is not conducive to a learning environment. 

Therefore, Option 1 is the safest, an easier transition, cost effective etc.  The benefits outweigh the disadvantages.  All other options presented by the TCDSB should not be considered.

A final decision will be made April 23, 2020

Proposed Option 1

Year 1: Fall 2020-2021

• Relocation of Dante students

• FDK/Child Care retrofits begin at 60 Playfair 

• All portables removed from site

Years 2 & 3: Fall 2021-2023

• Regina Mundi students move into renovated 60 Playfair

• Demolition of 70 Playfair

• Construction of new Dante

Year 4: Fall 2023

• New Dante complete