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Let us keep our school, The Divine Infant CS

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On behalf of our fellow parents in the Divine Infant Catholic School, we, the members of Catholic School Parent Council, would like to formally suggest the Toronto Catholic District School Board to reevaluate the said proposal of merging the Divine Infant and St. René Goupil with Prince of Peace Catholic School. Merging three schools could lead to various impacts unto our fellow parents, teachers, community, and, most importantly, our children.

Many students of the Divine Infant gather in a short distance between school and home, thus not affecting any major intersections or traffic lights. Students and parents are able to travel to school on foot, allowing our families in the neighbourhood reassurance for our children’s well-being.

The Divine Infant CS is only 1 of 3 schools in the TCDSB that offers a "Deaf and Hard of Hearing Intensive Support Program".  In addition to that program, some parents have specifically chosen our school for their child because of the "Learning Disabilities program" and "Behavioural program" that are also offered.  Since our school is a one-story building it is also able to provide ACCESSIBILITY for our students with Physical Disabilities.  The emotional well being of our students with disabilities is a critical factor that needs to be considered.  With your support in keeping the Divine Infant open, you also support the Ontario government’s law to promote equality and accessibility to Ontario’s students with disabilities. 

Joining three school communities may sound approachable from a more financial stance, but we, as parents, consider the safety of our children first.

Prince of Peace CS is currently in 98.9% capacity meaning additional 200 children would cause over crowding and the use of portables (approx. 5-7).
If the said proposal is pursued, many of our neighbouring families could consider the possibility of an alternative route, where safety and distance is much preferred. Parents could send their children to the nearby public school (Macklin Public School).
It will be a choice of our CATHOLIC FAITH or the SAFETY of our CHILDREN.

Prince of Peace Catholic School is currently in location with Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Scarborough Public Library, Goldhawk Community Centre, a newly-opened French public school (École élémentaire Laure-Rièse), Banting & Best Public School, Agnes MacPhail Public School, St. Michael Archangel Angelican Church and the Milliken Wells Shopping Centre across the street. All places are within a 500m radius from Prince of Peace Catholic School. Over 1200 children shares the same greenspace area. Major traffic and safety issues during school hours are, as a result, inevitable.

The Divine Infant belongs to a very diverse, albeit small community. It is a family-oriented school that knows one another, despite minor differences such as being not native to the English language. Our school has a day care centre with services capable of taking care of younger children who are not yet attending school themselves.

With pointers above being said, we appeal to TCDSB’s attention: please reconsider the proposal and let us keep the Divine Infant Catholic School as a community of diversity and Catholic family values.

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