Ban film "Unplanned" from TCDSB classrooms

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In Canada, everyone should have the freedom to choose whether or not to view this as the cinema that it is. However, culprits within the Toronto Catholic District School Board are pushing to have this film shown in classrooms. During their last public meeting on Sept. 25th, it was suggested that it would not be time appropriate to have parents weigh in on this decision. It was also noted that the film is rated "R" in the USA, and Canada ought to have higher standards.

Abortion is a serious topic and this movie is flippant. Specific scenes that make the film lose all credibility as an educational resource:

1) When (character) Abby asks why the clinic is pushing to double the number of abortions it provides, Cheryl compares them to fries and soft drinks that fast-food restaurants use to turn a profit. “Abortion is our fries and sodas, Abortion is what pays for our salaries."

This is a falsehood about the way the non-profit, reproductive health care provider operates. 

2) In another instance, Cheryl states “..we are a part of a billion-dollar corporation with lawyers and lobbyists and media experts on staff. Have you ever seen the names of our donors? Soros, Gates, Buffett. That's who we have.”

Demonization of Soros, previously limited to fringe groups on the far-right political spectrum, has more recently been taken up by the most senior Republican politicians in the USA, up to and including the president. Repeating these talking points reveals the true motive of the film: false religious and political propaganda.