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Resolve safety issues facing Pontnewydd village

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My name is Joe Chesterman and I live locally in Pontnewydd. For many years we have had the same issues facing us in Pontnewydd village. I and many others walk through the village on a daily basis and are faced with crisis. For too long we have had substandard infrastructure facilities such as parking and road crossings. There have been many serious incidents where people have nearly been knocked down and where cars have actually crashed into walls. Many vulnerable people who are elderly, disabled even our children are at risk, children who walk home daily from our local schools.
We are petitioning the Local council who have refused to listen for too long to firstly put in suitable safety crossings in the village, secondly alongside the 20 zone put speed cameras with increased policing of the area. Thirdly seek solutions with parking in the area as it is Local residents who are suffering.
We would also like to see more communication from the council. over the last couple of months the amount of roadworks for such a small area has been appalling. People have faced unnecessary amounts of traffic and even road diversions! I love this community and we deserve a lot better. We must stand united and remember the council are here to serve us.

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