Parking meters on Preston seafront

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Parking meters on Marine Drive along Preston seafront will cause massive parking problems for local residents, should the plans, now put on hold thanks to objection from Cllr Lewis, go ahead.

Parking meters will cause no end of congestion, noise and increased traffic pollution in the residential areas adjacent to Preston seafront, as beach goers and dog walkers who enjoy Preston beach on a daily basis struggle to find nearby parking, ultimately making life difficult and unpleasant for the local residents. This will ultimately significantly devalue the property in the area. 

The meters will impact on the popular Boathouse and kiosks on Preston beach, putting these businesses under threat leading to more, once thriving, derelict property. Let’s face it...., who’s going to pop in for a cup of tea or lunch, as I frequently do myself, if it’s costing £1.40 a day to walk the dog? 

Something must be done!  Please sign this petition and put a stop to this happening.