Make Tor Bridge A Better Place For The Students

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Today at Tor Bridge High in Plymouth UK, they introduced new rules for next term to stop behavioural issues. The reason they've done this is to get a better Ofsted score. But what they aren't thinking about is the kids. I know there are kids that need to shut up sometimes, but now everyone is being punished and silenced. This greatly impacts mental health and attitude towards school. It also takes away the ability for kids with extra needs to go to the Tamar Learning Centre, which some have everyday for years, to replace it with a prison-like building where kids get locked up for a day, instead of a true punishment where they learn to behave. Also, the new behavioural system goes from warning, to REFLECTION for an hour, and (so they don't lose attendance and money) the Behaviour Support Centre.

The BSC is for kids who constantly disrupt the lesson and should be in trouble, but the problem is: 1) It strips the right of talking for a day, which is kind of like solitary confinement where it can have serious mental health effects on kids. 2) They aren't allowed to leave it for the whole day. These kids with behaviour issues are gonna be excluded from other kids (I understand they stated that "Where a student has a disability recognised by the Equality Act 2010, which could make the implementation of parts of this policy discriminatory, reasonable adjustments will be applied." but people with undiagnosed and just general issues should be considered and other actions should be taken) These kids are not allowed to go anywhere where they were advertised on Induction Day and are just in another school basically. If you don't want them in your school, just exclude them! 3) The Tamar Learning Centre (TLC) has changed over time to be a safe space for kids to learn, socialise and eat. If you make this go through, these kids will be very upset and will affect their school life.

Also, the new tutorials are heavily education based and have lost all value to Faraday, Austen and Tenzing. People have a positive attitude towards tutorial and changing it to 20 minutes of reading daily would be boring for many. Reading is important and strengthens education, but removing what once was a good system to another educational thing. Right now, tutorial is an important start to the day and making it into a lesson would be detrimental as people need time to prepare and speak to their tutor on important issues.

This petition is anonymous, as I may get in trouble for voicing my opinion and defaming the school. This is not what I am trying to do. I am trying to let the students speak and make our years here actually enjoyable rather than bad at this time. So please try to do something for us, we really don't want this to go through.

-Kind Regards,

Mr Revolution.