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Please help: I am being bullied & victimised at Topshop by Britannia

Maria Susana Benavidez Guaman
Londres, United Kingdom

Apr 5, 2016 — Hi everyone,

I am being bullied and victimised by Britannia, the cleaning contractor at Topshop.

I feel like I am being treated like a criminal, a second class citizen and I feel my dignity and human rights are being violated.

Also, it looks like Topshop are trying to get rid of me too. Britannia have told me that Topshop don't want me to work in their flagship store anymore, that Topshop is “watching me”, that “I'm on the wrong path” and I “should be careful.”

What path am I on and what should I be careful about? Is the path in which I join a trade union and ask for a living wage a dangerous path? I thought the law protected me.

I have also been shouted at by my supervisor and ostracised. My colleagues have been told not talk to me and I have been told not to talk to anyone either. My colleague was even told by her supervisor that if she joined my union it would “bring her problems.”

This makes me feel like a criminal and a second class citizen.

It's quite clear they just want to scare me and my colleagues. They want to break the union and de-rail the campaign and they're willing to violate my dignity and my human rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly just so they don't have to pay me or my colleagues a living wage.

Also, so many people at Britannia from the CEO to their HR advisors, and site supervisors are victimising me and so there is no way my grievances can be addressed and resolved. They have even refused to temporarily suspend any of the people named in my grievance.

Therefore my union wrote to the Arcadia Group and asked them to intervene and even find a new cleaning contractor but they have refused to get involved using the excuse that they don't directly employ me or my colleagues.

But we work at Topshop and Topshop choose, hire, monitor and pay their contractor which then pays us so surely they have a responsibility to intervene if they know their contractor is breaking the law by victimising their workers? How bad do things have to get for Topshop to intervene? Does Topshop therefore not care that their contractors are bullying and victimising workers for being in a trade union? Do they condone it?

This is really tough on me. I think they are going to try and concoct a malicious case to suspend or dismiss me. I don't think they should get away with this. I'm a human being and I have human rights and I want Britannia and Topshop to respect my rights.

Please will you write to Britannia and Topshop and ask them to leave me alone, let me work in peace and pay me a living wage?

You can write on Topshop's Facebook wall and comment on their posts at

You can Tweet @Topshop using the hashtag #topshopvictimisation

And e-mail:

Also, here is a video of my last trade union meeting that you may enjoy in which we discus Topshop and other issues:

Please watch and share the Facebook version but if you can't then here is the Youtube version -

Please "like" my trade union's Facebook page for further updates -

Many thanks again for all your support.

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