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Stop Selling Shirts That Demean Women!

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Topman UK is selling two shirts that are supremely offensive to women. One, pictured, lists the reasons why a man did something to a woman. The reasons listed are often those used by abusers after they commit a violent act against a woman.

Another shirt reads, 'Nice New Girlfriend. What Breed is She?' This shirt implies that women are like animals.

These slogans are designed to be demeaning. Were they referring to any marginalised group or ethnicity they would never come to market, yet because the words are about women it has been deemed somehow acceptable. It is not. It is not acceptable nor is it funny. They should never have been allowed to retail.

Topman UK, stop selling these shirts immediately, issue an apology for allowing them to ever be sold in your stores, and outline how you will prevent sexist products from coming to market in the future.

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