Potholes, Broken Road, Sewer Issues, Roads under water after rains .. should have penalty

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No Helmet.. fine 500/-

Parking at No Parking...fine 300/-

Vehicle in no entry... Fine 500/- 

No PUC... FINE 1000/-

Triple seat driving... Fine 2000/-

Plastic use.... Fine 5000/-

Potholes on roads... No one responsible

Non working signal lights.. No one responsible 

Dug road no repairs... No one responsible

Political Flex banners on road... No one responsible 

Encroached footpath.. No one Responsible 

Overflowing Garbage bins on road... No one responsible

no proper street lights.. no one responsible...

Stubble burning...no one responsible


Looks like the public is the only culprit and liable to be fined. 

Administration and government is no way responsible. No rules and regulations applies to them. 

They are never responsible for any problems. They are not to be blamed.


Citizens are the only ones who will work... Who will suffer  pain...will pay tax... Will pay fines... Keep the government treasury filled ....... Our efforts... 

Their enjoyment!!!


This should change.

And only possible if we spread the message among public, raise awareness & raise our voice. Let govt pass a law to control & improve admin activities. All should be penalised equally, shouldn’t they?