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We the undersigned petition the BBC to NOT reinstate Jeremy Clarkson.

I would love to give as a reason his repeated gratuitous offensiveness.
His casual racism and sexism.
His glorification of incompetence.
His promotion of boorish laddish behaviour.
The fact that he wears jeans and sports jackets.
His encouragement to dangerous driving and scorn to other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and caravan owners.
The massively inflated sense of his worth and the accompanying drain of BBC resources.
That the savings could be ploughed into commissioning Charlie Brooker to write for Dr Who
The fact that 300,000 and rising people, all demonstrable idiots, have signed a petition to reinstate him.
The fact that his sole defence so far about him throwing a punch at a producer is that he never managed to land it.

But I won't.
The main reason that Jeremy should not be reinstated at the BBC is for the damage that he has done to Top Gear. Top Gear was already a successful program for the BBC before Clarkson took the helm, but it was at that time a car show, a good one. Now it is a poorly scripted comedy sketch show, written and presented by people who clearly aren't comedians, a front to allow Clarkson to show off the above behaviours.

No, Clarkson should not be reinstated at the BBC for the simple reason that he isn't funny.

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