Misha Mansoor and Tosin Abasi as Special Guests on Top Gear America

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Hey, guys! My name is Devin Walker. Growing up I’ve always been a fan of automotive engineering and am what many refer to themselves as petrolheads. Of course I’ve always been a fan of Top Gear and the Iconic Three that started the petrolhead cult-like following. Unfortunately, I believe it’s American counterpart has failed to captivate that wit and charm that it’s predecessor possessed. That’s why I am petitioning for the Special Guest Host feature and potential hire of Misha Mansoor of Periphery and Bulb fame, as well as Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders. Influential would be an understatement when describing these Progressive Metal virtuosos. I firmly believe these two would be pivotal in gaining a new audience and offering something new and exciting to long-time viewers. 

Side note: Think of how they could absolutely slay the Top Gear theme song.