Dave Prowse on the Colston Plinth!

Dave Prowse on the Colston Plinth!

29 November 2020
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Mayor Marvin Rees (Mayor of Bristol City) and 1 other
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Started by David Moore

Dave Prowse, brought up on the Southmead housing estate in Bristol.
Yes, 'Darth Vader' - but he always said the work he was most proud of was as the 'Green Cross Code Man' - working with kids, he pulled his showbiz friends into his campaigning which saves 100s of 1000s of kids from death and injuries.
He toured the country visiting schools relentlessly - 3 schools a day, 5 days a week, for 14 years

Please watch this short clip -https://youtu.be/KkqsUmxuccw?t=355
What a top bloke :)

So, let's get him on the Colston plinth. A person who puts their community ahead of themselves is surely the type of role model we need. Flying in the face of all the trappings of the high-life, Dave worked hard at serving the nation.
And if the statue was half-Vader-half-GCCM - back to back - it would makes us smile. Not only for the oddity of having a Vader statue at the Harbourside (which could be a draw for fans from around the world) but to be reminded Vader was really a kind-hearted Bristolian! :)

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We'll need signatures to make this happen :) So let's keep it rolling....
May the Force be with Us!

Dave Prowse on wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Prowse

Another interview with Dave - https://youtu.be/O6AxQyBsbu8?t=255

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Signatures: 3,101Next Goal: 5,000
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