Dave Prowse on the Colston Plinth!

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it's working! Can you help reach those switching on tonight?

Hello all - thanks so so much for signing the petition. Glad to know you feel the same :) If you really feel this would be a good idea then please read on...
Lots more people are going to be getting home soon and checking their FB and others feeds, so now would be a good to repost/ share/ whatever you can.
I'd love to see this tribute to Dave (and who wouldn't raise a smile seeing this statue on the plinth!) but it will need more signatures than the hundred or so we have now. Push it on and you never know - when we're all let out to roam once more, it might be to an unveiling, and we were all part of making it happen.
Thanks for your time, have a good evening
David Bristol-fan Moore

David Moore
11 months ago