Form a Climate Change Advisory Committee ASAP

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This petition of: Toowoomba for Climate Action (a grassroots, non-partisan group of Toowoomba region locals who are concerned about climate change)

Draws to the attention of Council:

1.       That many Toowoomba region locals are seriously concerned about climate change. A March 2019 Lowy Institute poll found 61% of citizens said it was so serious and pressing we should address it now, even if expensive. ABC's Vote Compass also found environment was the most important issue for 2019 federal election voters.

2.       TRC’s 2019 planning scheme review documents outline that our region can expect “higher temperatures, hotter and more frequent hot days, harsher fire weather, more intense downpours and less annual rainfall.” This is already resulting in adverse economic, social and environmental outcomes for our community.

3.       While some might say we are only a small contributor, all organisations must play their part in this global effort.  TRC is already taking steps to reduce exposure to risk and embrace sustainability, and with its ‘Bold Ambitions’ philosophy in mind can build on this progress with further action.

We therefore ask Council to: Respond urgently and strategically to current and predicted impacts of climate change by forming an ‘Advisory Committee’ to  guide Council on these issues and assist with developing mitigation and adaptation policies and actions for our community.