Stop Jamaican business in Tooting Market being evicted after unjust police action

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A search warrant to find drugs based on poor intelligence led to a large scale police operation to raid the premises of Jamaican owned businesses in Tooting Market on a busy Saturday. The innocent business owners and workers of The Lone Fisherman were also searched adding to the public humiliation. Trade was lost, prepared food was ruined by sniffer dogs, reputations were damaged and finally, as a direct consequence of the raid - despite not having found anything, the landlord gave the businesses 3 days eviction notice.

Livelihoods have been trashed because of poorly tested intelligence, over zealous police action and the knee jerk prejudicial response by the landlord. Having barely scraped through covid as a small business, this grossly unjust chain of events will be the nail in the coffin of another black business due to racist assumptions and actions by those in power.