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A Clemency Petition is before the Office of the Pardon Attorney and President Donald Trump on behalf of Kwame Kilpatrick right now. Kilpatrick was over sentenced to 28-years in his federal case. A decision will be made in his Clemency Petition any day now. We Need your help.

The federal government originally said this case was about "Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Bad Contract Schemes by Kilpatrick". After Kilpatrick Appealed, the Feds now say (more than 7-years later) this case is about "a $1.5 Million over-payment for one contract."

Even though the judge approved the new number and the newly composed narrative by the Feds, there has been no change to Kilpatrick's Sentence, and Kilpatrick has appealed this newly contrived false narrative.

Kwame Kilpatrick's federal case:

-No Embezzlement (charges or convictions)
-No Misuse of any Public Funds (charges or convictions)
-No Stealing of any Money (charges or convictions)
-No Financial Loss to the City of Detroit whatsoever
-Not a Single Issue, Count, or Conviction in this Case is related to the City of Detroit's Bankruptcy.
-Not a Single witness has ever testified that they were ever extorted by Kilpatrick.
-First Two-Person RICO Conspiracy Conviction in Federal Court History.

-Kilpatrick was forced by the court to use a compromised Defense Attorney, after begging the Judge for a new attorney on 3 separate occasions (in formal proceedings) prior to trial.

-Kilpatrick's trial lawyer took a government witness against him to the Grand Jury to testify against Kilpatrick. He counseled, coached and advised this witness during his testimony. He never notified Kilpatrick, nor the court of this offense. Kilpatrick received a Superseding Indictment regarding this witness, and his testimony, the very next day after his Grand Jury appearance.

-Kilpatrick's trial lawyer's law firm represented the Plaintiff against Kilpatrick in the companion Civil Case while simultaneously representing Kilpatrick in the criminal case.
-Kilpatrick lost the criminal case and received a 28-year prison sentence with a compromised defense attorney.
-Kilpatrick won the civil case through summary judgment representing himself from prison.

-The companion civil case involved the very same contract issues, businesses, witnesses, and RICO Conspiracy charge as the criminal matter. In one courtroom the law firm was against Kilpatrick, while simultaneously "defending" Kilpatrick regarding the very same charges and issues in another courtroom. This is an egregious conflict of interest that violates every rule of professional accountability and ethical representation in State and Federal Law.

Kwame has written three Clemency applications for men with Life Sentences who received Clemency from President Barack Obama. He has also written numerous Habeas Motions for men in prison, who have received reductions of their prison sentences, and even their freedom.

From growing up in Detroit, to his unprecedented rise in politics at a young age, to his struggles of balancing Faith, Family, and Career, to meetings in the Oval Office with Presidents Clinton and Bush…as well as enduring the great pain of incarceration and separation from his family, to the challenge of raising three African-American men in today’s social climate from behind bars, to seeing men killed on a prison yard, to being locked in solitary confinement for months, to counseling men while working suicide watch… Kwame Kilpatrick has been persuaded to move forward in his life with courage, determination, and confident expectation that God will provide. His unique perspective, warmth, humor, fervent enthusiasm, and commitment to service has encouraged many in his family, and behind prison bars, to Be Free…to Be Free Indeed.

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