Too many Democratic candidates in 48: Ask some candidates to drop out.

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There is a serious risk that the top two candidates who emerge as winners in the June 5 primary election (which determines who is on the ballot in November) will BOTH be Republicans. We are calling for all but the top two Democratic candidates to drop out NOW!

Check this map to see if you live in District 48:

We have a responsibility to the entire nation to secure this seat in the US House of Representatives. We respectfully request that four candidates step aside now so that a Democrat can win. These candidates are fine people; determined, hardworking, imbued with a desire to serve their country.  There are just too many of them!!  The candidates to drop out should be:

            * Omar Siddiqui

            * Rachel Payne

            * Tony Zarkadas

            * Deanie Schaarsmith

We need the election of at least 24 new progressive lawmakers in Washington. These candidate's continued participation in this race does not contribute to this goal.

Each of these candidates has publicly stated that s/he believes the needs of the nation supersedes the needs of the individual candidate

While we recognize that they have worked tirelessly to prove to the community their commitment to our education system, our immigrant neighbors, and our national security, their continued campaigns could imperil them all!  Please, candidates, don’t stand in the way of getting at least ONE Democrat candidate to win this race.

 We can’t afford to LOSE!

The Republicans have 2 strong candidates; while 6 Democrats are actively campaigning —  taking votes away from our top 2.  There are a lot more registered Republicans than Democrats in District 48. The statewide Fight Back California committee is very concerned about losing the election because of these problems. If the election were held TODAY, we would end up with TWO REPUBLICANS WINNING THE PRIMARY AND THE NOVEMBER ELECTION!!

We admire all the candidates for their passion, their dedication, their sacrifice, and their commitment. We will admire them even more if they will do the patriotic thing: step aside to help us restore balance in the U.S. House of Representatives!

Please support our effort to stop the vote-split and sign this petition asking the four candidates listed above to suspend their campaigns and throw their support to Harley Rouda or Hans Keirstead (if you live in District 48!)

P.S. Please share this petition with your friends if they live in District 48 too!