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Remember when you were a child in daycare? Remember when you'd lie down at nap time, smoke a cigarette, and your nap mat would burst in flames?
Yeah, me neither.

So when I heard that harmful flame retardant chemicals were found in nap mats, crib mattresses, and in virtually all of our furniture, I got really steamed!

Even worse, fire safety experts say that these nasty flame retardants--chemicals linked to cancer, genetic damage, hormone disruption and other serious health threats--don't even work as used in these products.

It turns out that flame retardants are widely used throughout the United States as a result of a decades-old California flammability standard called TB 117. The good news is that California just proposed a new standard (TB 117-2013) that improves fire safety without the use of harmful chemicals.

The bad news: companies that make flame retardants care more about their profits than our children's health. They will do whatever it takes to try to stop this common-sense change.

Whether you live in California or not, your products are being made to meet this harmful standard. We must stand together in support of this proposed new rule, that puts our children's and families' health first!  Please sign today to tell regulators to move swiftly to adopt the new standard.

Letter to
Bureau Chief, Department of Consumer Affairs Tonya Blood
Thank you for the proposed new flammability standard (TB 117-2013) that provides real fire safety benefits without harmful flame retardant chemicals. The proposal will put California at the forefront of change towards safer products. Please insure that finalizing TB 117-2013 is not delayed. Our children and families deserve swift protection from harmful flame retardant chemicals.

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