Texas Workers Compensation Reform

Texas Workers Compensation Reform

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Mark Burnett started this petition to State Representative Tony Tinderholt and

It’s time we take a look at the State regulated Texas Department of Insurance and Workers Compensation Reform. 

Will someone please reach out to further discuss what is happening with the Texas Department of Insurance and how the system set in place has failed me entirely.

I have filed the appropriate complaints with TDI and the Consumer protection Division as directed.
Someone needs to listen to my story and hear what is actually going on with this State regulated system and how it has failed me entirely!

From a workplace injury to Insult with injury and a system that allows carriers to utilize fraudulent tactics to prevent injured workers from getting the appropriate care!

I had a career of 5 years a 401K with great insurance short term and long term disability and because I was injured at work I was forced to utilize a broken system and now have lost my career, insurance, and continue to be preyed upon by Travelers Insurance to prevent me from obtaining care and now income!

Please help me advocate to ensure this doesn’t happen to injured employees in the future!

This particular Carrier on my claim has utilized falsified and fraudulent reports to manipulate state designated doctors on my claim. From the doctors they scheduled and sent me too for an initial exam to a peer review from a doctor that has never seen me. This particular carrier also omitted old medical and new medical records to doctors making state determinations on my claim. 

Occupational clinic Concentra was utilized as an initial provider for my care and the PA intentionally lied on her report versus actually symptoms and statements. Medical records were amended when Audio was produced of the actual examination versus the medical records submitted to Travelers from the PA they scheduled and sent me too. That PA is now being investigated by the Medical review board. 

The initial exam report was then used to obtain a slanted peer review from a doctor that never saw or examined me.  This peer review had 14 falsified statements regarding my symptoms at Concentra which is what exposed this fraudulent behavior. (The carrier obviously never intended me getting my hands on this peer review and actually ignored numerous requests for it.)

This particular carrier is noted to do the same thing in multiple states now to  manipulate a broken system and prevent injured employees from obtaining appropriate care for a workplace injury. 

I want to advocate to change the laws so future injured employees do not go through the same experience that I have! 

The type of treatment I have endured over the past 18 months is inexcusable and the carrier has been caught red handed. 

Recent diagnostic imaging show my health and workplace injuries continue to worsen and will progress unless action is taken to correct my workplace injuries. 

I will not allow an insurance company to prey on injured employees any longer and request support for my petition. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!