Cameras in all public and charter school classrooms in San Francisco

Cameras in all public and charter school classrooms in San Francisco

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Parents of Children Abused in San Francisco schools started this petition to Tony Thurmond and

We, the undersigned parents of SFUSD students, are fed up with sending our children to San Francisco Unified public school district, only to have a group of teachers and administrators physically beat, assault, and traumatize children. School staff has been accused of using the N-word in the classroom by children but there are no cameras in the classrooms and students statements have been sent to the legal department. Children informed their parents that they were bad based on their race and others told their parents that their teacher informed the class that blacks are being killed by the police because they did something wrong.  Student abuse is recorded by school surveillance cameras in hallways, in the yard, t SFUSD refuses to release the videos to the parents and public and do not activate a full investigation. SFUSD informed a reporter for channel 5, that they did not have a video retention policy allowing each school to erased evidence within 30 days. Teachers have also informed SFUSD of the abuse they experience from students and other SFUSD staff. Parents are spending up to 10,000 for outside assessments and 12,000-20,000 plus for attornies., with some parents reporting, they sold their car and jewelry for attornies to fight for education entitlements.SFUSD has a Law council, school staff speaks to daily paid for by taxpayers. Some student medical doctors have found attornies for families. SFUSD was allowed to lose contact with almost 10,000 children during distant learning on purpose. The school's Parents have been pushed out of the class physically by school staff and when parents call the police, the school officials inform the police that the situation is a none emergency and everything is under control, but the police never requested the camera footage or to speak to the children, and get a statement from the children about what happened to them while in school. With cameras, you could have seen how SFUSD made Mary L. Booker middle school students enter through the back of the school on Washington St. past trash cans and old desk, and could only use the outdoor staircase, and could not use the yard, While the front of the school is on Jackson St. Some SFUSD director apologized to some parents for failing black children for over 20 years and other staffed informed CPS workers that some of SFUSD staff don't know how to work with black boys.

 Parents have been concerned for years about the abuse happening to students by staff in SFUSD school sites and within the past few years, the abuse is at a high alert. White parents pulled their children out of school due to witnessing their children and others being physically and verbally abused in classrooms, in the yard,  in hallways and they felt they were being taken advantage of. Teachers have been instructed to cover up the classroom windows and lock the classroom door, so parents cannot have access. Most Special Day Classes have children who can't defend themselves due to disability, and they are abused the most, on and off the camera.  Children come home with blood on their clothing, bruises on their bodies, most black and native American children in special education are on medication to attend public school with most be recommended by school social workers and school psychologists, who have been a part of SFUSD abuse since the 1979 Larry P trial and parent of color don't trust them. Latinx and immigrant parents report they do not get a translator who speaks their language for meetings, and parents are forced to sign legal documents such as IEPs in English. When parents ask for documents to be translated into Spanish and others languages, the SFUSD refuses to accommodate them at times, and they want all meetings audio recorded.  Parents have called child protective services for help with abuse on children in school but laws allow CPS to not investigate school crimes and is only in place to monitor and surveillance parents primarily removing children of color, CPS allowed abuse to happen in school while children were in foster care with some children being out of school for a year prior to covid due to abuse and CPS never requested camera footage but partnered with SFUSD and removed children for hygiene concerns. SF spends more money on removing children and placing them in foster homes than educating children, paying a teacher less than 60,000 to care for children for hours with little support from SFUSD and paying a CPS eligibility worker 100,000, and the Director of Human Services (CPS) salary is 400,000, while guardians/foster parent make 4.00 an hour to care for abused children and some reported almost losing their job to the high volume of calls they received while at work to come to pick the children, but SFUSD said their suspension number is down.

The SFUSD staff calls CPS in retaliation against parents and CPS swiftly starts an investigation. Parents have police reports, pictures, and statements from the children abused by SFUSD staff but nothing is ever done. After being abused, all children regardless of race, need therapy to help them through their school-based trauma.  Parents do not trust SFUSD therapists so they go through their medical insurance and some reach out to the only Black Department of Public Health therapist in San Francisco, who now has large amounts of LatinX, Asians, and white children, none English speaking families have one Italian therapist who has been taken to court because she was advocating for equity and safety for the immigrant community.

The SFUSD SPED department ran off almost all of the Black ADR mediators who provided fair and balanced service to resolve conflicts between families and the school. Whenever the families praised these ADR mediators' service, the SFUSD SPED department would block those ADR mediators from providing service. The SPED department controls which mediators provide service and the source of where the mediators are selected. The parents have no voice, and this is from a state grant due to neglect of children in special education.

SFUSD needs to :

1.     Create a Video Retention Policy where all videos capturing incidents from school sites are archived and stored for future reference.

2.     Create a Video Release Policy where the video footage of any school-based incident is released to parents and the public in accordance with the Privacy Act, concealing the identity of other students who may be in the frame.  

3.      Parents demand access to impartial mediators to facilitate the resolution of issues between parents and the school district, this should also be provided to general education students as well. The impartial mediators are not an advocate or affiliate of the parents and/or the SFUSD. Due to the overwhelming number of Special Education complaints in SFUSD, the California Department of Education granted SFUSD funds to provide impartial mediators to facilitate and resolve complaints. Impartial mediators must be selected from CADRE or ADRCal

 4. Cameras need to be installed in all special day and general education classes and footage must be made available to parents and media upon request.

To Child Protective Services (CPS):

When the SFUSD reports alleged child abuse by parents, there is an aggressive investigation of those accused parents. When parents report child abuse by SFUSD staff, the same investigation does not occur. The undersigned parents will report SFUSD staff when there is child abuse and need the same aggressive investigation of the SFUSD.

Child protective services need to create a policy that will include:

  1.  Redesign and create a policy that includes investigating all adults of alleged abuse and neglect on children while in school.

2.  Create a team of Education liaisons to support, advocate and investigate the alleged abuse and neglect of children in SFUSD and charter schools
 3.  Request to view any footage of alleged abuse and neglect on all children with and without disabilities in SFUSDand charter schools
 4.  Create an African American Latinx child welfare act that is the same as the Native American child welfare act.

To The San Francisco Police Department:

1.  Create a policy for parents to be able to take their children to any police station or victims of crime unit and get a police report done.

 2. Terminate the policy that forces parents to go back to the school site of alleged abuse and call the police for assistance.


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