Tony Robbins - refund consumers for their UPW tickets!

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Tony Robbins UPW seminar through SUCCESS resources is unable to go ahead in Sydney Sept 2020. Tickets cost from $1500 upward. The experience included 4 days in a stadium, live with Tony Robbins, walking on hot coals plus more. 

Their resolution is to host an online live virtual event, on the same dates, that have to be watched there & then, & a complimentary ticket for the following year.

No refunds allowed, this is unacceptable for the following reasons.

1) An online experience is no where close to what consumers expected when buying their ticket & is definitely not worth $1500 upward. I doubt anyone would of paid for tickets at this price for an online event.

2) An online experience does not seem worthy of taking 4 days off work, some without pay, especially during this climate. 

3) Not everyone can physically attend the event next year. 

Tony Robbins and Success Resources can financially survive this climate, many of their customers CAN NOT! 

The following options should be given & are fair  - 

1) A full refund if the customer does not want to attend the online event or redeem their ticket for the following year.

2) A partial refund (at least half) if the customer wants to attend the online event (as it is not worth $1500 upwards)