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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA, United States

Dec 30, 2016 — Well, I know that everyone that has supported Kenneth Clair throughout this year, kind of knew that it would be coming down to this. As I explained in the last update, I really didn't expect the Orange County District Attorneys Office, to comply with discovery. I always liken this district attorney to the fable about the “Scorpion And the Frog”. Like the scorpion, the district attorney will always do what ever is in their nature, and they are easy to anticipate because they always react the same way. I also commented on this same theory in my book, that many of you have purchased for Clair fundraising, called “Whistle Blowing Orange County Style: Rule #7: Anticipate Your Oppositions Moves And Responses.

I spent a lot of my holiday sifting through a stack of discovery that involved the arrest of Mr. Clair back in 1985, and there really wasn't anything past that point. The district attorney is always trying to justify why they arrested Kenneth Clair back in 1985, and how bad of a person that Clair was. However, the DA always get squeamish and conceals exculpatory discovery and criminally violates the law, when it is time to talk about the crime scene fingerprints, DNA, trace evidence, and all the other evidence that clearly belongs to someone else.

So the DA’s overall strategy or plan is based on telling everyone how bad Kenneth Clair was in 1984 and 1985 to make people believe that somehow it justifies his incarceration, instead of admitting they put the wrong man in jail for over 30 years. It is like the spanking you got when you didn’t do something, and your parents justified it by saying that there was something else that you did and didn’t get spanked for it. However, parents ultimate goal was not to execute you, or put you in jail for the rest of your life.

So as I anticipated, the DA would not comply with the order and request. I want to thank everyone that commented, wanted to assist me, or felt sorry for me because I had a lot of work to do over the holiday. However, I knew what I was looking for, and it wasn't there. So instead of sending me a lot of worthless materials, the DA sent me a small amount of worthless materials in the discovery.

Actually, I spent more time talking with Mr. Clair, drafting his notes from previous and present meetings, and actually dealing with the contempt motion, then going through the DA’s discovery. Mr. Clair and I both had reached the conclusion that this motion was going to be filed, and the DA made it very easy for us by setting the right conditions. Even some of you, knew that this was coming up. The writing was on the wall throughout our campaign. However, there is always the right time to do things, and the wrong times. So we needed to wait until the DA gave us a clear opportunity by violated the law and court order to file this motion.

Now, I entitled this Part 1. Actually, I will be updating the petition tomorrow with Part 2. I can assure you that all of our support this year, standing together in this historical journey, will end 2016 in a BANG! Hopefully, the January 6, 2017 hearing will be the start of the year that Kenneth Clair will get his freedom. We are hoping that this standard can be used like a GPS so that all of the wrongfully convicted Kenneth Clair’s can use this towards their individual freedom.

I would appreciate any comments that you have to make in regards to this matter, and as always I will try to return your comments, because you have been the rock and foundation of this movement, and what ever you say and think: Matters… CJ

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