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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Mar 9, 2016 — First I would like to thank everyone who has supported this petition. Our support now is approaching 160,300 supporters.

As I have informed all of our supporters, we are on a journey to test the justice system not just for Kenneth Clair, but for all of the Kenneth Clair’s who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes, and are working towards exoneration or a fair review of their cases. As I have mentioned in my book, “Whistleblowing, Orange County Style”, rule number 3 states: “Exhaust All Other Remedies Before Taking Extreme Measures”. I based this book on how to attack powers, authorities, and entities that are much larger than you are as an individual. Our petition and strategy has been based on that book, and I am sure that many of you have read it, and are using the 10 rules to engage your opposition. If you have not read this book, it can still be ordered by going to:

The remedy that we are trying to exhaust in the situation is the growing number of "Prosecution Conviction Review Programs". These are programs that have been popping up all over the country, and most likely exist in your areas. These are prosecution programs, that review cases of incarcerated inmates who argue that they have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. These review panels are generally made up by someone from the district attorney's office, someone from the public defender's office, and a private defense attorney. Some of these panels even have other experts, who are supposed to be neutral to review these cases.

I have never found that these programs have been too successful, because for the most part the “main stream” Innocence Projects do not care for these programs either, because they seem like they are more moving in the area of just collecting peoples DNA, and not really working towards exonerating anyone. Matter of fact, in some of these cases, instead of exonerating people, the DA uses the DNA samples to close other cases, such as burglaries and lower crimes. A lot of times these DA programs are disguised as actual Innocence Projects and inmates who felt that they were wrongfully convicted, subscribe to these programs, thinking that they are the genuine Innocence Project.

When the prosecution programs first appeared, they would use in their captions “Innocence Project”, and the New York based Innocence Project petition the court system and made them drop the term “Innocence Project” from their name. Now most of these DA programs use the term: Prosecution Conviction Review Program.

With all of that aside, I decided as part of our strategy we would file a petition of 160,000 plus supporters as part of the referral process of having cases reviewed. We now officially have petition this Prosecution Conviction Review Program, by submitting over 160,000 people to have Kenneth Clair’s wrongful conviction reviewed by this so-called, review panel. In all of the years that this panel has existed, I have never heard of anyone exonerated through this program that Tony Rackauckas started in the early 2000's. So we are submitting a record number of people to have Mr. Clair’s case reviewed. Mr. Clair and I had a discussion regarding this in my latest jail visit, and Mr. Clair is complying with everything that he needs to do on his end to make this possible. I assume, that they will be making some type of excuse not to incorporate Mr. Clair’s case in this independent review.

As I have said, I have submitted the entire petition of our supporters. However, I am attaching an outline of this program, and I want everyone to read it’s content and purpose. Feel free to send individual support emails and message to this program. I also want you to investigate to see if you have programs similar to this program, and send me the information if possible. One of our goals is to try to make these programs function as they were designed- on a national bases. This way we have an alternative while we are fighting “Prosecution Immunity” by redirecting these cases through another channel.

However, in my experience and maybe yours, they do not work. Now, on the other hand, if you do have a program in your area that has been successful, please share that with us in your comments. These types of panels, if implemented properly, can really serve making the justice system fair.

This is the email I sent to the Innocence Review Panel this morning:

Innocence Review Panel,

My name is C. J. Ford Jr.  I started a petition late last year to have Kenneth Clair exonerated because of evidence of the exculpatory nature that has been held back maliciously by the district attorney’s office. The district attorney is well aware of this petition because I personally served it on his office.

In the interest of justice, our petition supporters of over 160,000 people, are requesting this case to be reviewed by your independent panel. I am sure that you have never had 160,000 plus people submit a case for your review, so I am sure that you will be taking on this case because of the demand of our petitioners.

I will be awaiting your response in this matter, so that I can inform all of the petitioners of your decision.

C. J. Ford, Jr.

As Always, I want to thank all of you that are supporting this petition. As we go through this journey I want to make sure that everyone knows the different options wrongfully convicted people face, and I like the fact that through this petition we can have an open discussion about these options. So your comments and responses to this are very valuable in our efforts to reform the justice system.

We are still fund-raising, and we are still gathering signatures for the petition. So please continue to donate so that we can have functions such as rallies and other events to call attention to this historic journey. To donate online, please go to To send a donation, send it to CRIC, 211 S. State College Blvd. #316, Anaheim, CA. 92806.

And thank you for being supportive of this effort.

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