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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA, United States

Jan 30, 2016 — We now stand at 159,400 supporters. After last week's activities which included speaking with the Orange County Board of Supervisors, I can now tell you that each of the 5 districts were served with a copy of our petition and comments. In addition, I dropped in on our federal representative Loretta Sanchez and made sure that her office was served with our petition and comments. I am sure now that our numbers and support is now a matter of county record.

I can assure you and all of the other supporters that Orange County knows that we are serious about having Mr. Kenneth Clair exonerated. Our opposition knows that we are serious about ending “prosecutor immunity”, so that the Kenneth Clair's in-prisoned everywhere, will have a mechanism in place to bring criminal charges against the prosecutors who take away their constitutional and civil rights. We as supporters are standing up together to take away the prosecutors “grander of glory” to win at all cost to advance their careers. No longer are we the supporters going to accept prosecutors who maliciously withhold exculpatory evidence, and other evidence, and wrongfully convict innocent people. Prosecutor Immunity, without regulations for criminal actions, only disrupt and destroys the family unit, friends and relationships, and has perverted itself into the advancing of the careers of prosecutors.

Why are we having this event in Santa Ana, California? This is the place where Kenneth Clair was accused and convicted of a crime that he did not commit. This is the place that circumstantial evidence was created to fit Kenneth Clair, a homeless and dark skin African-American, into a crime that an eyewitness said was committed by a white man. This is where the DNA testing eliminated Kenneth Clair, and indicted another individual that the district attorney does not want to pursue. This is why it is appropriate for us to begin our journey here. This is where the seed of injustice was planted.

At this event we will have speakers from the community begin a dialogue to address the injustice in the system. This is a model of what all of you, the supporters of justice, your churches, your politicians, should begin in each one of your communities. We are expecting Kenneth Clair’s wife and sister to speak. We have a friend of Kenneth Clair who will be speaking. I hope all of you can attend. It will be filmed, reported, and many people from the media and the community have been invited.

Now I would like to address our financial situation since this has been a concern of me, and of all of the supporters. When the petition was first created I did not know that it was going to go viral. Once it went viral, I started asking for donations so that we could continue our efforts, plan events, and move ahead. I know that it sounds like we have an unbelievable amount of money in the campaign, but that is not true. We may have 159,400 supporters, but we have only raised about $3500 throughout the entire fund-raising portion of the campaign.

I have utilized the money by investing it into this event coming, gas in my vehicle, and right now we have about $400 or so left. I am working on this campaign full-time, and I had to either complete or refund existing cases, and have been turning down all new prospective cases, because this matter is TOO URGENT to not fully emerge myself into. In my 61 years of existence, I know that you have to react, sacrifice, and do what you have to do because you may only get the brief cracking of a door, or a window in time you have to take advantage of.

Kenneth Clair’s time is right now, not later on. Mr. Clair has experienced too many situations that he anxiously awaited help in, thought he was getting help, and had to go back to his jail cell in disappointment knowing that he was let down or sold out. We are not going to let Mr. Clair down this time, and we are not going to allow him to be sold out. We are moving fast because the “Urgency of Time” demands that Mr. Clair be exonerated so that the little time he has left can be spent as a free person.

This is why I am asking people to donate, because this all has to be done now. We do not have the luxury of later on, when we now have this opportunity. This event that we are putting together is also for fundraising. Our attorney alone charges $400 per hour for his involvement in the case. Since I do not have a staff of people working for me, I have turned to my church for volunteers and assistance.

So in summary, I appreciate every dollar that we get. I know that there are a lot of supporters out there that wish they can give, but just the mere fact that you are getting this petition out on your social networks for additional people to sign is well respected and appreciated. Our numbers are also very important. So please continue to donate what you can, it is well appreciated just as much as getting additional people to sign our petition.

So again, I like to thank each one of our supporters for doing whatever they can so that we can get Mr. Clair exonerated, and change the system. Every person out there, and it could be you or one of your loved ones, have to have some future safeguards and protection in this unjust system.

I may not be able to update you again until after the rally, but please understand that I have to make sure that this event is successful. I will try to continue to comment on your emails and update comments, but my main task now is to take care of the business that is making our campaign successful and make it possible for our historic journey to continue to victory.

If you are planning to donate to the rally, please click the link below or send your check to CRIC, 211 S. State College Blvd. #316, Anaheim, CA. 92806.

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