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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA, United States

Jan 26, 2016 — 

We have made it to another historical phase in our fight to have Kenneth Clair Exonerated and to fight the continuing injustice to have prosecutor’s criminally liable for maliciously withholding exculpatory evidence and other evidence in criminal cases. We need to let the entire country know that the justice system everywhere needs to be reformed. We still have a long way to go so we still need your donations and for you to continue to find people to sign a petition. If you are new to this petition, please read the petition and go back to the last 10 updates. These updates will bring you up to speed on everything that has occurred during this historic movement. Attached is the Board Menu for today. It looks like we are the last to be heard on the calendar.I have attached a copy of the agenda. I want to encourage anyone who is in the area to come support our cause. Also you can sign up for 3 minutes and you too can express your concerns about the Kenneth Clair situation, the DA’s office, Injustice, or whatever you feel needs to be said. I will also like to meet local supporters so that can help us with our Plaza of The Flags Rally on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. I am giving you a copy of my notes and message for today in case you can not view the live broadcast or find the internet portion of the meeting: Orange County Board of Supervisors, I am coming to you in regards to the unethical and illegal activities that have been occurring in the district attorney's office. I am sure that you are aware of the state and the federal probe into the conduct of the DA and his office. The Kenneth Clair petition has drawn over 159,000 supporters not just nationally, but has international support. The attention has now been drawn on Orange County because the district attorney is under investigation for confidential informants, and withholding exculpatory evidence in criminal cases. Our petition is to have Mr. Clair exonerated, because this district attorney's office refuses to give Clair a retrial with the newly discovered DNA evidence. That’s right! DNA evidence and fingerprints that indicts another individual who the DA has positively identified exist, and this DA is protecting that person’s identity. I don't know whether or not this person is a confidential informant, but somehow the district attorney doesn't feel that they should investigate the person and the DA’s latest claim is that this individual is out of the country. Mr. Clair's conviction in 1985 was purely on circumstantial evidence. Then the DA, even with a credible witness who said that a white man committed the crime, chose to convict a homeless black man for the crime. The DA intentionally kept out factual information regarding the people that lived at the house. The man was a white supremacist, convicted criminal, who was convicted for “Murder for Hire” and served prison time, while the wife ran a drug house, and was being investigated for welfare fraud. The DA made sure that none of this evidence came into court. As I have mentioned, this petition has got the eye of over 159,000 supporters locally, nationally, and all over the world. Right now Orange County is being viewed under a microscope as to what they are going to do about a corrupted justice system, and corrupted district attorneys. I am not trying to say that all district attorneys are corrupt, because I have been getting word privately that some of the DA’s do not like this system “win at all cost”. This case is not just about the injustice done to Kenneth Clair, it is about all the Kenneth Clair’s who are giving their lives in prison because of a corrupted judicial system. Our campaign is aimed at having prosecutors who maliciously prosecuted innocent people by withholding exculpatory evidence, can be criminally prosecuted. This claim of “Prosecution Immunity” doesn’t make sense because there is a criminal system in place that goes after law enforcement officers, and there usually is a court which can reverse judicial decisions. How can prosecutors claim immunity when they commit criminal offenses. So right now the world is questioning how you are going to handle this situation? I just hope that you have the right answers to their questions.

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