Phone Service for rural areas- everyone should be able to make a phone call in emergencies

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I’m sitting in the hospital with my fiancé. We just got out of the ambulance. He tipped a hay truck on the farm. He laid there for who knows how long. He couldn’t reach for the radio to let anyone know where he was. But he had his phone in his back pocket. Do you think that helped him? No. There was no phone service. Not even to make an EMERGENCY phone call. We are only about 20 minutes from the nearest town.

While the cities are getting 5G, we don’t even have enough service to make an emergency call.

So he laid there. He laid there in horrific pain and thankfully his boss found him.

So what if his boss was at one of the other properties? What if he was away?

Why is it there’s more priority speeding up download speeds in the city when my fiancé cannot even make a phone call to get help?

Accidents HAPPEN. They are bound to happen. Especially on farms. Every farmer you meet can tell you the dangers.

So politicians, Telstra, anyone, I ask you to give us phone towers in rural areas.

It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Because I hate to say it, but there will be a horrific accident, and because someone cannot make 1 single, simple phone call there will be blood on your hands.

If it wasn’t for Jon being found in time today, it could be a lot different. Time is of the essence in these situations. I ask everyone to care. Because ultimately we all know someone who lives on the land, works on the land or it could even be you passing through and experience not having any phone service. But you should also care because everyone has the right to have their loved one go to work, and to know that if something was to happen they can call for help. Everyone should be able to go to work and feel assured that if something was to happen, they can call for help.

Nobody should ever have to face losing a loved one ever. But especially close the Christmas. We are organising our engagement party for next week. Imagine losing someone so close to the important events because they couldn’t get help? It nearly happened. It’s scary how easily it could have happened.

I hate to be the person badgering the politicians. But hell, someone has got to. I love my fiancé, friends and family too much to do nothing.

I’m not having someone die because they couldn’t do something everyone should be able to do in 2019- make a phone call.